About Us

Connecting the Physical World of Sports with Blockchain

SCSG incentivizes participation in sports as well as gaming through our unique model.

About us

What is StarCard Sports Games?

SCSG is the first of its kind social impact play-to-earn gaming platform, that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars. It is a data-driven platform that brings real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games. We are building a scaleable robust digital economy that allows players and investors to earn while having fun. We do all of this while raising awareness about and driving revenue to some of the world’s leading environmental non profit organizations.

our vision

Unifying the world through blockchain gaming

The platform will unify amateur and youth athletes by tokenizing their identities as NFT based avatars.

The flagship game, “New World Football Alliance,” enables real-world soccer players around the globe to link their real-world performance data in the field with their in-game avatars. This enables the player to earn wages in the form of the StarCard Sports SCSG crypto tokens. Users can either earn or purchase StarCard Sports tokens inside the game or buy them from crypto exchanges.

NFT Gaming Platform

NFT Gaming Platform

Tailor-made for uniting people through sports.

The StarCard Sports ecosystem strives to bring the best experience to its users and takes a unique approach to NFT gaming.

Safe, Secure and Fast

Leveraging the polygon layer 2, SCSG combines security with high transaction speeds.

Unified Ecosystem

Users can play and earn from multiple platforms in an all-in-one sports gaming ecosystem.

Immersive Experience

Our ecosystem will work to promote interoperability to offer our community access to a larger metaverse where users can create, buy, sell, and rent their own NFT's.

Our Team

Our team is led by technology entrepreneur, Steve Schechter, who previously founded and helped scale a publicly traded marketplace platform company.

Steve Schechter is a co-founder of Tapln Mobile Solutions and the former COO of ExchangeBlvd, a vertical auction marketplace company that he grew from concept to $100M+. He has extensive executive and management experience, as well as decades of experience within youth football.

Steve Schechter

Alex is a skilled community and project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the mobile technology and sports industries. He has considerable experience in customer success, back office operations, and technical project management. He is also an alternative-pop artist, going by the stage name Alex Roma

Alex Schechter

Community Manager
Mamadou aka Mo is a battle tested Technology leader with over 16 years of experience. He specializes in R&D and delivering highly available, scalable, and secure cloud based solutions to fortune 100 companies. Like the rest of the founders, Mo is also very passionate about football and giving back to the community.

Mamadou Mbodji


Advisory Team

Jeff Bone is a Co-founder of Concinnity and was of Calisto. He has a deep knowledge base and working experience in large organizations, emerging and growth companies by building high performance teams to create and execute on strategic plans to solve situational contexts across several industries.

Jeff Bone

Micah “Musa” Pellerin is a former professional athlete turned corporate venture capitalist and angel investor. He has extensive business development experience, as well as nonprofit board exposure.

Micah Pellerin

Justin Nahama is a highly accomplished attorney, business strategist and Marine veteran. He specializes in empowering technology-focused thought leaders to include Deepak Chopra, CrossFit’s founding team and leaders in the Navy SEAL and special operations communities.

Justin Nahama

Samantha is a partner at Concinnity with over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives drive top priority growth initiatives.

Samantha Collins