Bridging the digital divide between athletes and gamers.

StarCard Sports Games is a play-to-earn blockchain game platform that leverages the polygon protocol.


Our platform allows players to play card style strategy and RPG games. Both of these modes support in-game NFTs which can be acquired from our NFT marketplace or earned through game play.

Managerial Mode

The Managerial Mode will allow players to assemble a team using NFTs (player cards) representing various players on the TapIn Mobile Solutions and StarCard Sports Games platforms. Players can challenge other teams in matches or leagues to earn SCSG tokens in their quest to heal the world!

RPG Mode

The RPG Mode is an adventure-style game with 3D avatars representing their human counterparts. In SCSG's flagship game, 'New World Football Alliance,' players navigate a future dystopian Metaverse world while playing other players in football (soccer) matches and challenges.

StarCard Sports Games Ecosystem

Bringing together sports games and DeFi, while bridging the digital divide between gamers and athletes

Play to earn games

StarCard Sports Games will launch the first-of-its-kind gaming platform as a part of its ecosystem, that bridges the divide between the real world of football (soccer) and digital gaming. In the future, SCSG plans to launch additional card style strategy and RPG adventure games across multiple sports.

NFT Marketplace

The SCSG NFT Marketplace will be accessible from the in-game navigation, as well as from our website. In this marketplace, players will be able to buy, sell, and rent in-game earned and purchased digital assets.

The Metaverse

In the RPG live-action game mode, players navigate through a dystopian future world as they attempt to earn income and contribute to causes to heal the world. In this Metaverse, players and investors can purchase and monetize virtual real-estate while traveling and interacting with other players.


Whether you're a gamer or crypto enthusiast, our games and DeFi platform will enable you to participate in DeFi in simple-to-use and fun ways. Players will have access to staking, farming, and trading in-game. Investors, not interested in playing the games, will have access to our state-of-the-art DeFi dashboard, where they will be able to stake, farm, swap and use our fiat on-ramp.

Social Impact

StarCard Sports Games has positive social impact as its core tenet. Our games revolve around fighting climate change. Within each game, players and the StarCard Sports Games' Treasury automatically contribute earned revenue directly to our environmental NGO partners. In addition, we contribute free real-estate, within our Metaverse, to these partners while driving players to interact with them through play-to-earn mechanics. Lastly, we are always intentional about utilizing a tech stack with best in class ESG standards.

Bridging the Digital Divide

StarCard Sports Games is the first of its kind game platform that bridges the digital divide between real life athletes, at all levels, and brings their human performance related data directly into our RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games. Our strategic partnerships with TapIn Mobile Solutions and ICM Stellar will offer us unprecedented access to athletes and their data.


Token name
Token Symbol
Blockchain network
Token supply
StarCard Sports Games
1,000,000,000 SCSG


Token name

StarCard Sports Games​






1,000,000,000 SCSG



Unifying the world through Blockchain Gaming

The platform will unify amateur and youth athletes by tokenizing their identities as NFT based avatars.

The flagship game, ‘New World Football Alliance,’ enables real-world soccer players around the globe to link their real-world performance data on the field with their in-game avatars. This enables the player to earn wages in the form of the StarCard Sports SCSG crypto tokens. Users can either earn or purchase StarCard Sports tokens inside the game or buy them from crypto exchanges.

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